KAN Holland's owner, Andro Nasry Aziz Said, oversees the daily operations of the business and its training programs.

Andro has been travelling extensively worldwide over the past years and has developed a strong expertise on the rules and regulations associated with the international transport of animals by land as well as by air.

This includes the completion of documents, customs regulations and the special needs of vanous government and other official authonties.

In order to guarantee the highest quality, we personally select all of our dogs. We acquire our dogs from a wide variety of professional European breeders. All documents and papers required for international European dog transport are prepared in accordance with the European Union guidelines.

However, we are not limited to European dog transport. We are also able to provide our clients with all documentation required with respect to transportation outside of the European Union


KAN Holland is known worldwide for its unique and exclusive services.

We offer 24/7 care and support for our K9 dogs. We only work with a top team of qualified professionals consisting of trainers, veterinarians and suppliers.

In the event that your dog becomes sick or wounded, we will send a veterinarian from the Netherlands to examine your dog.

Additionally, in the event that your dog requires extra training, you will be provided with the best trainers from our team to provide the extra courses and training needed and to further guide and support you and your dog.

Quality Dogs

Concludingly: KAN Holland is known worldwide for delivering high quality dogs and for providing training methods that deliver results.

We are service onented and are known f or our upstanding business ethic.

Our services are not limited to supplying and training dogs, in fact our vision is to provide you with a complete program, which supports you and your dog from start to end!

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