KAN Holland acts as agent for the Dutch company Fokker.

Fokker has been developing high-quality dog food and cat food for almost 40 years. Fokker ensures the health of your pet by using only the highest quality ingredients and is of the opinion that food must always be very tasty.

Fokker's Premium Dog Food ''Top of the bill'' quality food for your dog. Fokker's premium dog food gives your dog the best in nutrition from puppy to full grown dog.

  • Fresh Meat

    Fresh Meat

    Prepared with truly fresh meat - does not contain grains.
  • Puppy / Junior (M)

    Puppy / Junior (M)

    Complete food for growing dogs, with an adult weight of 10-30 kg.
  • Puppy / Junior (L)

    Puppy / Junior (L)

    Complete food for growing dogs, with an adult weight of 30-80 kg.
  • Adult (M)

    Adult (M)

    Complete food for adult dogs with a weight of 10-30 kg.
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AVALON® PET FOOD is the new revolutionary concept of pet food in the industry, Manufactured with Dutch experience by KAN HOLLAND B.V. one of the leading companies in the pet industry in Netherlands & Europe.

AVALON® PET FOOD is a super-premium fully natural pet food product line designed to ensure the optimum performance for dogs and cats.

The unique formula of each product mainly consists of high animal protein in addition to vitamins, minerals and nutrients without any genetically engineered or rendered ingredients, fillers, artificial flavors & colors makes AVALON® a complete healthy and delicious meal the supports the pet with all needs and keeps it in the best condition without the need to supple by any other external nutrition source.

Especially with this wide product line that covers all dogs & cats breed in all life stages with variety of flavors and nutrients for different needs.

  • Avalon Original

    Avalon Original

  • Avalon+ Power

    Avalon+ Power

  • Avalon Puppy

    Avalon Puppy

  • Avalon Beef

    Avalon Beef

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